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Tango for beginners: The lessons are focused on technical as well as practical information, progressively developing each student’s personal skills, and analyzing and solving individual difficulties. The following concepts are communicated through clear explanations and simple examples:

    • Controlling and expressing the body;
    • Understanding the movements of one’s partner;
    • Realizing the difference between basic structure and stylistic preferences;
    • Learning the correct way to stand before moving, learning how to move and how and when to stop moving;
    • Paying attention to the lead: being sensitive to how the leader’s information is delivered and received;
    • Incorporating the basic “well-known” steps;
    • Using variations in structure and resolution;
    • Developing sequences and combinations;
    • Navigating the floor and avoiding “accidents”;
    • Inventing personal steps and rhythmic patterns.

    The last part of each lesson consists of an “assisted practice,” where students actually dance and are corrected as needed.


    I. Group Lessons

    Group lessons are not structured in the usual way. While the material, concepts or activities are directed toward everyone, each student is given individual attention, according to his or her level, needs and difficulties. The course program contains a scheduled set of goals, with structured content and practice material. At the end of the first day, all students receive a Technique-Practice Journal, which allows for personal follow-up as the course progresses.

    So, group lessons are, at the same time, individual lessons, because although there are classes of tango for beginners, leveling down is avoided. All levels are given equal importance and individual needs are met.

    How to learn tango in Argentina:
    Group lessons are organized in two parts: Information and Practice.


    • Review of previous lessons. Correction of difficulties.
    • New concepts and sequences.


    • Reinforcement and assisted practice of new material learned.

    II. Individual Lessons

    There is no “standard” pre-set tango. Each person must dance “his” or “her” own tango. This concept requires extreme respect for the uniqueness of each dancer. The individual lessons are organized according to the profile of the individual student. This will depend on personal expectations, goals and needs. As well, other factors are taken into consideration when tailoring a course to a student such as age, morphology, physical problems, previous tango experience and expectations, and the amount of time one wants to devote to studying the dance.



Tango for beginners - Learn tango in Argentina

Tango for beginners - Learn tango in Argentina

Tango for beginners

Learn tango in Argentina


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Tango for beginners - Learn tango in Argentina