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" I have take classes with Horacio  and Karen and must say that both are teachers I really appreciate. Horacio is one of a kind. A masterful dancer and a true pedagogue combined. His attention to subtle detail is amazing as is his gentle and focused teaching style. They are both a real treat for everyone that wants a genuine appreciation of the essence of Tango.
Keith S. (USA, 2009)

“To say that Horacio teaches tango lessons is truly an understatement. He taught me, through his dedication and passion for the dance, not just how to dance tango but how tango is a metaphor for life. He showed me how to listen, how to let go of the need to control, how to relax into movement and dance without tension in my body. He was very sensitive to my needs as a beginner tango dancer and offered his perfect blend of patience, encouragement, playfulness, grace, and enthusiasm. Now, I have the foundation I need in tango to step onto any dance floor with confidence.”
Kristin Berg,  (Canadá 2009)

“When a mutual friend introduced me to Horacio Rodriguez, I was not looking for a tango teacher…then we danced…and I knew I had found a true teacher, a milonguero, who was not only intimately connected with the music, but who knew exactly where his partner was at every heartbeat…Horacio’s presence, timing, and sensitivity are deep… these are the qualities that he passes on to his students, with a very clear and analytical teaching style… his private lessons are intense and rich, with intellectual concepts as well as the physical manifestations of those concepts. Although he is lots of fun to be around, his classes are serious work and there is no doubt that Horacio’s ideas about body movement dynamics, axis and alignment, posture, placement, timing, and shared listening skills required for both partners, help his students understand and carry out more consciously and spontaneously improvised, ‘milonguero style’ Argentine tango in one of its purest  forms… Since 2001, I have learned various aspects of Argentine tango from many world-touring teachers and performers, and I never expected to find such a ‘hidden treasure.’ (But if not in Buenos Aires, then where?).”
(Judith, Vermont, USA, 2008)

“I’d like to thank Horacio, who taught me that tango is not only dancing steps, but is an essence which goes beyond the music and the movement of one’s feet. Tango gets into your soul. I learned that it is there where the tango lives, that this is the reason of its beauty. Thank you, Horacio.”
(Lic. Ely  L. Mayer, Santiago de Chile. 2007)

“Horacio Rodríguez is a great dancer as well as an excellent teacher. He is someone who knows how to pass on feeling and combine it  with a perfect teaching technique. This lets the student ‘dive’ into a world of movement, and at the same time learn to let him/herself go with the feelings this dance awakens in everyone who dances it.” “Horacio, this is how I feel when dancing with you and when I think of you as a teacher. You have this unbelievable ability to pass on the knowledge and the experience as if it were something easy for the other to discover when dancing  tango.”
(Cecilia, New México. U.S.A. 2006)

“Horacio made me ‘SEE’ the actual attitude and role of the man dancing tango. What surprised me the most was that I realized how much is NOT usually said in regular tango classes. As I started to hear all the information about posture, axis, way of walking, body coordination and some other new ideas about the proper way of dancing tango, I knew that with Horacio, I was entering a new personal space regarding this dance. When a tango teacher gives as much of himself in a crowded group class (which is less expensive) as he does in a private class, you can see that he really enjoys teaching. You can reallly notice that devotion in Horacio”.  
(Dr. Mario Casaburi, Buenos Aires. 2005)

“Horacio Rodríguez is a man who studies this dance ‘deeply’. As a teacher, he has his own method. In his classes, he is willing to transmit his knowledge, both gently and strictly, and makes everyone do his/her best. He is flawless. His dance and style show what he can make his students achieve: the execution of every tango step with harmony and poetry.” 
(Lic. Josefina Ricca, Buenos Aires. 2004)

Personal Comments

  • I would like to dedicate this site, first and foremost, to my father. Many of his “truths”, which I heard more than 50 years ago, are still current and I keep transmitting them. (E.g. “the tip of the shoe marks the direction of…”)  
  • To all of those people who, through their dance or their words, helped me -and still do- in the path toward discovering new expressions and improving or recreating the ones I already know.
  • I would also like to thank, among many others, the following people for all that they have given me: Milva Bernardi, Carlos Gavito, Angel Coria,  Teté, and Ricardo Vidort. 
  • I would like to give special mention to the teachers who invited me to assist them in their classes, as well as to those women colleagues with whom I shared lessons.
  • And I would like to express my constant gratitude to those who allowed me -and still do- to transmit what I know in my classes. Because teaching, I believe, is one of the best ways to keep on learning.

Finally, a special thank-you to those in the field of psychology who opened
the door to the possibility of walking through life a little less blinded.



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