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It all started in Spain, in 1915, in a place called Torrehermosa Farm, Extremadura. One afternoon in May in this village, located near the well-known town of Fuenteovejuna, Jesús, the young local pharmacist (and guitar player) was walking along Royal Street on the way to his pharmacy. As he passed 8th Royal Street, he heard some piano chords. He fell in love with them (and with the girl, Andrea Rita, that was playing them). And that’s how the story of his grandparents began.  An added detail:  the song that the young girl was playing was  El Choclo. His father, Joaquín Alejandro, was a professional knitter and used to practice tango with his neighbors. They used to hang around in Jonte and Segurola Streets, and in many places in the barrios of Villa Devoto, Flores and Paternal. Some of Joaquin ’s friends, “el Negro Petróleo”, “Finito”, “el Negro Lavandina”, became real legends for future masters, (Juan-Carlos Copes, Virulazo, etc). One of the anecdotes that Joaquín used to tell was about him and his friend called “Negro Petróleo.” They would draw steps and variations on the pavement with charcoal, describing positions like “where the lady has to come in,” etc. Another “fortuitous incident” in Horacio Rodriguez’s life: just like his grandparents, his parents also met because of a piano melody. Young Joaquín attended the piano concert of performer Aída Adelardi, at the main conservatory in the Flores neighborhood. That’s how his parents-to-be met for the first time. Horacio Rodriguez says, “I was 3, and my father used to carry me on his feet as he moved, following the tango tune that was on the radio.” It is not an exaggeration to say then that he learnt to dance tango at the same time he started to walk.

The point is that Horacio did not approach the tango from any other dance. He is part of a story in which tango is a grounding element. As an adult, having graduated in Economics at the University of Buenos Aires in 1979, he felt an overwhelming need to do “something else” besides accounting and tax counseling. When he acknowledged this, he began to explore his roots and develop his bond with the tango. It’s at this stage that he started dancing more actively. He also started to study tango, to research it, to practice it and then to teach how to awaken and express the emotions that tango evokes. This activity has become a lifelong commitment, It is, in his own words, “a conscious decision to accept an unspoken legacy: to dance and transmit the depth of tango.

Teaching Experience Since 1995, Horacio has been teaching  private and semi-private lessons.

He has also given group classes, in collaboration with other teachers and masters:

2000-2001 : Collaboration and substitutions with several masters
2001- 2002: Sala Dandi (in collaboration with Stella Barba)
2002-2004: Club Español de Bs.As. (Montserrat) – Club Salvavidas (Palermo); Group lessons with María Telma
2005-2006: Club de Leones de Buenos Aires (Bartolomé Mitre Street); Pigmalión Casa de Tango; Group lessons with Alicia Pons
2007-present: Exclusively private lessons. Local and foreign students, including teachers.

Publications: He will soon publish two of his works: a technical manual and an audio-visual production for training and practicing movements, steps, and predetermined sequences, plus the information necessary for free creation and improvisation.

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