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“Microclimate” tango. Tango for the inner-self and for the partner.

Tango is a  dance of concentration which is not affected if there is an  audience. It is not an exhibition as it doesn’t pursue to be shown to third parties. It absorbs the dancers in the world that they create during the three minutes that the piece lasts. 
Deprived of illusion, without ornaments, minimalist, aims and offers, essential tango.

Quoting his own words:
 “I try, by holding my partner tight in my arms, to make her perceive a delicate mark, clear and precise, as she is a woman, not a robot or a puppet, a woman who is expecting a proposal, (in this case, of joint movement)”.
“It seems easier to give orders and to obey. That is not my proposal. I don’t generate a good dance because the woman accepts orders submissively. I try and practice, when dancing, not a self-indulgent monologue for me and degrading for her. I intend to build a dialogue between the two of us.
“Dancing is, above all, doing it for and with my partner. If she feels comfortable, protected and encouraged to express herself freely, then that tango piece will be well danced – experienced by both dancers”.
Far away from the old chauvinist idea that a good female partner is that who obeys the man, it is noticeable that he dances not by imposing his decision, but by proposing a joint creation.
In the slope of “tango religion”: as a dance phrase and bonding, reuniting Her and Him, this, his tango, turns into a concentration exercise, a dance meditation in tight embrace.  

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